Multiple Patents Pending

Our feature product is a unique style of high-quality FLAT PACK display blocks for lock hardware.

  • A patent-pending product that is precision machined on automated CNC equipment.
  • Uses less wood than a solid block and is easier to manufacture.
  • Weighs less than solid blocks and is more economical to ship.
  • Can be made from wood, aluminum, steel, plastic, clear or colored acrylic, and more.


  • They have a consistent appearance, size, and color
  • Your showroom looks neat, clean, and organized, not cluttered with an assortment of odd-looking lock mounts
  • You can display your hardware without the distraction of OEM logos and advertising.


  • Flat Pack Mounts are designed so that they go together, and stay together without any fasteners. They are held together by the lockset itself.
  • They assemble in minutes with no tools other than a rubber band to assist. (included)
  • The cutouts adhere to ANSI/BHMA standards.
  • By default the standard order is made of wood. Other materials are available upon special request.
  • The clear acrylic mounts give your clients a view of the inside workings of the lockset, but are more fragile and must be assembled with care.

Other Items

We also offer:

  • Safe Cove Plates – thin plates for covering over drill or punch points on safes. All of them fit under the dial and are held securely. Round, Rectangular.
  • Lock Windows – clear plastic sleeves for cylindrical and deadbolt locks. Lock Windows allow you observe the inner workings of the lock, as an aid to trouble shooting, or just to display.

A note about “B” stock

Sometimes in manufacturing things are not always perfect. If the product is functional and the defect is minimal and purely cosmetic, we will sell it at a discount as “B” stock.

Thank you for looking.
Jon Payne, CML
Certified Master Locksmith